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Zip Sheets for Caravan

Our caravan sets are a little different to our Kids Zip Sheets for home use in that the zippers are placed on the top of the mattress rather than along the sides so that you can easily access them due to the box like construction of caravan bunks.

At the moment, we have run out of the blue and pink striped sets and have just plain white available. Moving forward in 6 months we will add in the plain colours in blue, white, pink and aqua.

Just like our regular sets of Kids Zip Sheets, we combine the top and the bottom sheet together with long zippers at the top ends. These sheets are designed to stay on and keep your children covered. If you’re heading off to cool temperatures just add your open sleeping bag or duvet on top and your children will stay toasty warm all night long. These sheets dry quickly and don’t require ironing which is just what you want when your away in your van.

Each set is $69.95 and is 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

Size: 185cm x 75cm x 20cm deep


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