Aged care facilities typically use king single sized sheets but it’s best to check this before deciding to purchase.  If you are purchasing this for your parent or friend with in an aged facility, you will first need permission from the presiding doctor as our sheets fall under a form of ‘restraint’.  The doctor will need to authorise the use of these sheets to determine if the risk of injury from falling out of bed is worse then the ‘constraint’ of the sheets.

Our white sets in cotton and flannelette now have 70cm long zippers down either side of the sheets to allow you to bring your legs around into the sheet prior to zipping up.

Typically these sheets are designed for children but we’ve had success with an  aged facility having purchased these for a few patients that were falling out of bed and injuring themselves.  The sheets worked as intended and the patients were no longer falling out of bed onto the floor.  The approx. allowance between the top of the sheet and the bottom of the zipper is 85cm.  This means that the user must be able to sit and swing their legs around, assisted or not, all within 85cm from the top of the mattress otherwise getting in and out will be too difficult.

Please send us an enquiry via our Contact Us page if you have any further enquiries or special requests.