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Children sleep actively, they; wriggle, toss, turn and even rotate but we still need to keep them covered to prevent them from catching a chill and waking up unnecessarily.  How can we do this when the traditional flat and fitted sheet renders useless.  Children tangle in the sheets but more often, kick them off onto the floor along with the duvet and blankets.

So what’s the solution… Kids Zip Sheets is a Patented Australian designed set of bed sheets that encourages children to sleep freely whilst still keeping them covered and in the bed – not on the floor.


Kids Zip Sheets are available in standard cot, Boori cot, single, king single, double and queen bed sizes for home use and a (one size fits most) for caravan bunks. We have various patterns and fabrics ; 100% cotton, cotton/poly blends and flannelette. Please ensure that you check the size of your mattress prior to ordering.

Care Instructions: These are machine washable cool water, gentle cycle. LINE DRY all flannelette and poly/cotton blend sets. Only our 250 thread count stock can be tumble dried on a warm setting. Anything less than 250 100% cotton CAN NOT be tumble dried.

Delivery: In stock items ship within 48 hours and expect 3-7 business days for delivery. Items on Layby are shipped immediately after completion of payment.


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